Website Development

Utilizing the latest development in technology allows us create rich, bold designs for your business to stand out.


Database & Web Apps

Creating streamlined processes for your business to eliminate human error and most importantly, save time and money.


iOS & Android Apps

Are you ready to be the next leader in tech but not sure where to start? We develop your idea into reality.

our work

We embrace our performance expertise, harmonizing creative compelling content with the gritty aspects of digital marketing.

meet our team

LPC IT Design has gathered the most talented and brave professionals who have no fear in visual design, development & marketing sphere!

Luke Rourke

Senior Website and App Developer

Our talented website developer. Striving to push the boundaries of design and what is possible.


Kevin Rourke

Senior Database Developer

With over 25 years of experience, Kevin leads the way in critical thinking and a thorough thought process, allowing your business to succeed.

Kevin Rourke LPC

Explore The Opportunities With Design

There is a gap in the market, there always is. It is your job to educate us about your business. It is our job to learn and drive you forward to be the leader of the market.

We will learn together, we will grow together. You will be our example of success for our new clients.

The project life cycle doesn’t finish when we complete the job. It goes far beyond that, our relationship of trust and commitment stays with your business and we are there to evolve whenever required.


We don’t work for you, we work with you. We want to see your company succeed. We won’t be your yes man, but we will be your coach and cheerleader as you succeed with us. We believe in a high level of trust between both us and all of our clients. We are open, honest and transparent with any information you request.

If the shoe don’t fit, don’t make it.

– Luke Rourke, CO-Founder


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